“Problem Solving 101” by Ken Watanabe: Virtual Book Tour Launches Monday, July 22

Ken Watanabe’s book Problem Solving 101 was originally written to help kids in Japan with problem solving skills. The book was not only a huge success with children, but also with adults in Japan as well. After selling 370,000 copies in six months, Ken has translated and updated his book and re-published in English.

As one of the reviews states on Amazon, “the book is simple enough for a middleschooler to understand but sophisticated enough for business leaders to apply to their most challenging problems.”

Next week join Ken as he travels among five different blog sites talking about his book.

The tour kicks off at Lauchlan Mackinnon’s “Think Differently” site and concludes right back here at Idea Sandbox.

Problem Solving 101
by Ken Watanabe

Site Date

Think Differently
Lauchlan Mackinnon
Mon, June 22
Get Fresh Minds
Katie Konrath
Tue, June 23
John Chandler
Wed, June 24
The Center for Graphic Facilitation
Peter Durand
Thur, June 25
Idea Sandbox
Paul Williams
Fri, June 26

If you want further flavor for the book, check out Ken’s remarkable Problem Solving 101 site complete with activities and helpful tools!

If you are a blogger and wish to have your site be a stop on the Post2Post Virtual Book tour, please provide your information on the sign-up page.