“This One Time At Brand Camp” Tour Summary

If you missed the virtual book tour featuring the marketing cartoon book “This One Time At Brand Camp” it’s not too late!

The full schedule is listed below. The tour featured an awesome line-up of interviewers/bloggers!

Marketing Fresh Peel
by Chris Wilson

Church of the Customer Blog
by Jackie Huba & Ben McConnell

Brand Autopsy
by John Moore

Digital Roam
by Dan Roam

Seth’s Blog
by Seth Godin

Thank you to Tom for taking his time to provide interviews and copies of his book. And thank you to Chris, Ben (and Jackie), John, Dan, and Seth for their time interviewing and posting.

They’ve provided us with some great behind-the-scenes on how Tom gets ideas for his strips as well as his perspective on marketing and branding!

Finally, you can check out upcoming Post2Post Virtual Book Tours here!