Virtual Book Tour Launches Mon. Feb. 11 Featuring “Creativity Today”

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Be sure to visit Think For A Change by Paul R Williams on Monday morning to read the first of five installments by five different bloggers about the book Creativity Today by Ramon Vullings.

Then continue the tour through the week at these great bloggers…

Creativity Today

by Ramon Vullings, Godelieve Spaas, and Igor Byttebier
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Site Date

Think For A Change
Paul R Williams
Mon, Feb 11
Charles Whitmore
Tue, Feb 12
Principled Innovation Blog
Jeff De Cagna
Wed, Feb 13
The Marketing Fresh Peel
Chris Wilson
Thur, Feb 14
Grassroots Innovation
Greg Eisenbach
Fri, Feb 15

Thanks to Chris at The Marketing Fresh Peel for the great graphic of the tour.