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    7 Steps To Build Your Annual Plan Like A Pro

    It is the time of year again when we start thinking about next year… The plans, programs, and activities that will allow us to meet and exceed our 2016 goals. We at Idea Sandbox like to approach nearly any type of planning as if it …

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  • It Pays To Be Different

    Differentiation. *Bleck* Differentiation has become one of those marketing buzz words we hear too often. So frequently, the term seems to have lost its meaning. Nevertheless, it is a very important concept. I prefer the term “remarkability.” Doing the things that cause people to make remarks about …

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    12 Tips For Successful In-Store Events

    No matter what you call them… your customers, clients, consumers or participants – they are all Guests when they visit your location. Being a great host to those visiting your location is no different from entertaining friends and neighbors at your house. While we do …

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  • My Starbucks Rewards

    Go Beyond Customer Rewards, Create Loyalty

    Sand for Your Inbox December 2013 We all want our customers to return to us. In a moment of choice, we hope they would choose us again over a competitor. That they’ll be loyal to us. Google will provide you with thousands of ideas for …

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  • Water

    Forget The Extra Mile, Just Go The Extra Steps

    Sand for Your Inbox July 2013 We want great experiences from those with whom we do business. Our customers want the same from us. However, sometimes our focus on “going the extra mile” for our customers causes us to neglect the basics. For example, Starbucks …

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  • What Is Your Competition Doing?

    Do you know how well your business compares to your competition? More specifically, when it comes to how well you deliver Customer Service… Product & Service Offerings… How comparatively Innovative you are? Also, beyond your competition, how do you compare with others in your industry? …

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  • Ribbon Cutting

    Tips To Drive Sales At Your Location With In-Store Events

    One of the best ways to build awareness, excitement and traffic to a new location is through a grand opening event. Do you wish you had the traffic and sales that an event like that can create? Well, who says Grand Opening-style events are only …

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  • Innovation Is A Phenomenon, Not A Strategy

    Innovation isn’t something you do; it is something that happens – a result. To be “innovative” you have to focus on the things that create that result, not the result itself. We can’t directly control what is considered innovative no more than a director can …

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  • A "Complete Sentence" Creates A Complete Strategy

    To obtain the best results from our marketing plans, we need to make sure our approach is well-thought and complete. This is especially true of trending marketing tactics, (i.e., social media and discount coupon sites).

 We feel pressure to use these because they are popular …

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  • The One Question You Need To Solve Business Challenges

    Sand for Your Inbox July 2012 When business isn’t running as we’d like, it is easy to become fixated on end results. “If we could just drive sales….” “If we could just get more traffic…” While these results are important, what we really need is …

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