Remarkability – Stand Out From The Crowd

Sand for Your Inbox
January 2011

If you’re not doing the things that help you stand out, you’re blending in… This is true for your company, products, services, and even you. Being remarkable gets you noticed and helps you stand out.

Below is a presentation entitled “Remarkability: Stand Out from the Crowd.” I spoke this week at the What’s Next DC Conference in Washington DC.

Paul Williams speaking at What's Next DC Conference

For those of you who couldn’t make the conference or didn’t know about it… I have re-recorded my talk and set it to the slides of my presentation. (Update: These are only the slides, SlideShare shut down the ability to include sound)

[Direct Link: Remarkability: Stand Out From The Crowd]

In this presentation I reference four books specifically… they are:

In addition to those authors, you may also recognize bits from these writers in my presentation…

Do remarkable things!