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3 People x 5 Ideas = 125 Ideas

Grade school arithmetic would lead you to believe when you have three (3) people in a room, each with five (5) ideas, you’ll have a total of 15 ideas. Luckily, brainstorming isn’t grade school arithmetic! There’s a bit of mathmatical magic that happens when we share ideas. Let’s say you, me, and a friend are in this room. When you offer an …

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How to Be Different: “Create A Contagion”

The crux of Guy Kawasaki’s book “The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything” is about turning ideas into action! In chapter 9, “The Art of Branding,” Guy offers advice on how to create a remarkable product or brand. Who: Guy Kawasaki What: “Create A Contagion”* What is it? Create “something contagious that infects people …

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How to Be Different: Offer “Dramatic Difference”

Not just different, but dramatically different is what Doug Hall prescribes… Who: Doug Hall Inventor, author, consultant, and recent judge on the the ABC television network show “American Inventor.” What: “Dramatic Difference” What is it?: Your job is to create a MONOPOLY. Every product or service that is sold lies somewhere on the continuum from MONOPOLY to COMMODITY. At the …

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