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Knock Socks Off

Delight Your Customers: Be a Sock-Knocker-Offer

Have you ever wished someone… Or perhaps someone has offered you the words of encouragement… “Knock their socks off!” It means to wow or amaze someone. To go beyond what is expected. The saying originates from boxing – when you bop your opponent so hard, you nearly knock them out of their socks. Unfortunately – and far too often – …

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It Pays To Be Different

Differentiation. *Bleck* Differentiation has become one of those marketing buzz words we hear too often. So frequently, the term seems to have lost its meaning. Nevertheless, it is a fundamental concept. I prefer the term “remarkability.” Doing the things that cause people to make remarks about you – literally being remarkable. There’s a great quote in the book Do Purpose: Why Brands With …

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Starbucks Blonde Coffee

Starbucks: Trying To Be All Things, To All People

I saw this ad today on Facebook, for Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee. *sigh* In addition to being awkward to order: “I’d like a tall blonde with whip, please.” It isn’t helping Starbucks be remarkable, or stand out… It is causing them to blend in. What made Starbucks remarkable A secret to Starbucks success was their dark roast. It was a …

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Cupful of QR Genius From Guinness

Some years ago, I enthusiastically reported on the optical illusion coasters created by BBDO New York for Guinness brand beer. They were a low-tech way to create conversation and engagement with the product. Here we are again with a product-activated higher-tech idea. When Guinness is poured into a specially marked glass a QR (Quick Response) code is revealed.   AdWeek …

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Be Remarkable Via Pricing Strategy

Being the first, the best, or the only one doing something (and in a way meaningful and relevant to your customers) is a strategy your company can use to stand out from your competition. Something that is relevant to all your customers is how they compensate you for your products or services. Adding a spin to the way they pay …

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Be THE, not A

So you are… …A marketer. …A sales person. …A blogger. …A [_ _ _ _ _ _ _]. But is that settling? Why be A, when you could be… …THE marketer? …THE sales person? …THE blogger? …THE [_ _ _ _ _ _ _]? There is a BBQ rib chain in the U.S. that bills themselves as “A Place for …

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Tips For Creativity & Problem Solving: “Live In PLAY” Interview

It’s always an honor when someone cares to hear your advice. It is my pleasure to share with you a BlogRadio interview I was part of on Saturday evening that featured… well… me and Idea Sandbox! Jenny Ward, the Chief Play Activist at Playward, hosts the “Live In PLAY” talk show every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PST. We chatted for …

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On Being Imaginative, Original and Fresh

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How to Be Different: “Dominant Selling Idea”

In their book “Why Johnny Can’t Brand: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Big Idea” Bill Schley and Carl Nichols Jr. share their idea of the dominant selling idea (DSI) and how to create a #1 brand. While you may be familiar with product differentiation these fellas talk about both product and brand differentiation. Who: Bill Schley and Carl Nichols …

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How to Be Different: Create “Wow!”

How do you break your company or product away from the pack of sameness? Welcome to the first in a series of guides highlighting techniques marketing experts suggest to be different and build awareness… Here are some thoughts by Tom Peters… Who: Tom Peters What: “WOW!” What is it? Wow is “stepping out (individuals at all levels in a firm …

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