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Don’t Blame The Boomerang When It Doesn’t Return

When I was six or seven years old, my grandfather took a trip to Australia and brought me back a boomerang. While I thought it was the coolest thing, no matter how much I practiced throwing it, it would never come back. A non-returning boomerang was exasperating since that is the whole purpose of a boomerang. Right? However, if I …

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Idea Generation: Great Ideas Are Looking Up

Ever wonder why great ideas seem to pop into your head at the strangest (and sometimes inopportune) times? Like when you’re… falling asleep, in the shower, or exercising? It’s not a coincidence. These are times when your body is switched to autopilot, and your conscious mind doesn’t need to labor to perform these routine tasks. So the mind creatively wanders …

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10 Steps To Take Brainstorming From Good To Wicked Good

Sand for Your Inbox How many brainstorming sessions, filled with potentially brilliant ideas, have ended up as rolled up flip charts under someone’s desk? Taking ideas to the next step post-brainstorming can be a challenge. When I get near the end of the brainstorming process, I use a simple filtering process that moves ideas from concept to near-ready to implement. …

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Now Is The Time For All Good Brainstormers To Come To The Aid Of Their Country

Mom sent me this text message this morning… Paulie! The entire country needs your services! Our President called for a ‘brainstorming session’ regarding the budget crisis. Can you give him a call? Mom By ignoring Mom’s request, wouldn’t I be breaking the ‘honor your mother’ rule? Shouldn’t I also honor my country by offering my services? I texted back to …

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SCAMPERing For Innovation

A great quote found Roger von Oech’s book, ““A Whack on the Side of the Head” reads as follows… “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone elseand thinking something different. The quote is attributed to the Nobel prize winning physician Albert Szent-Gy&#246rgyi. You’ve probably heard the expression, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” Discovery …

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Swim Lane Diagram:
Dive Into Complex Decision-Making

Some weeks ago, I shared a decision making method that utilized a Two-By-Two Diagram to rank/filter ideas using two key parameters. While I received positive feedback, I was asked what to use when you need to rank/filter ideas that involve more than just two parameters. For this, I recommend using a “swim lane” diagram. (It involves parallel rows akin to …

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Idea Generation: Be An Explorist, Let Your Get-Away Inspire You

Traveling offers a perfect opportunity for creative inspiration. Experiencing out-of-the-ordinary sites, sounds, tastes, people, and culture helps stimulate out of the ordinary thinking and ideas. Get the Inside Scoop Before you leave for your destination, consult insider/underground guides for the places you are visiting. These guides often provide more insight than tourist guidebooks and share the gritty aspects of local …

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