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TWAW Stay Ahead Of Your Problems

Avoid Problems By Preventing Them

An excellent way to solve problems is by not letting them happen in the first place, through prevention. Prevention is why we bring our cars in for maintenance, visit our doctor for an annual exam, and have a mid-year check-in with our boss. We want to avoid surprises and discover potential issues while they’re forming to prevent bigger problems in …

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Innovation Is A Phenomenon, Not A Strategy

Innovation isn’t something you do; it is something that happens – a result. To be “innovative”, you have to focus on the things that create that result, not the result itself. We can’t directly control what is considered innovative no more than a director can guarantee their movie will be Oscar Award-winning or an ad agency can get their video …

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Seth Godin Says: How To Run A Problem-Solving Meeting

Here’s a complete rip-off of today’s post from Seth Godin. Great to have Seth playing in my sandbox. This is a special sort of get together, similar to the meeting where you organize people to figure out the best way to take advantage of an opportunity. In both cases, amateurs usually run the meetings, and the group often fails to …

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Take Charge Of Your Life With Problem-Solving

One of my favorite books about problem-solving is Ken Watanabe’s best-selling book, Problem-Solving 101. In this article, I outline Watanabe’s lesson for finding the root cause of a problem – a key concept. But,  before I get into the details, let’s first talk big picture… What Is Problem-Solving? What the heck is problem-solving or creative problem-solving anyway? It’s simply a …

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