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Idea Generation: Great Ideas Are Looking Up

Ever wonder why great ideas seem to pop into your head at the strangest (and sometimes inopportune) times? Like when you’re… falling asleep, in the shower, or exercising? It’s not a coincidence. These are times when your body is switched to autopilot, and your conscious mind doesn’t need to labor to perform these routine tasks. So the mind creatively wanders …

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Top 10 Blogs To Stimulate Your Creativity

Roger von Oech – author, inventor, consultant, and creativity guru – posted his It is an honor that Idea Sandbox was on that list. With hundreds (thousands?) of sites to choose from, narrowing it down to 10 had to be a challenge. But to be one of those ten…? Truly exciting! Thank you Roger! Be sure to check out the …

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100 Most Creative People In Business: Fast Company 2009

The June issue of Fast Company delivers their list of the 100 most creative people in business. They write… “We emphasized those whose creativity addresses a larger issue – from the future of our energy infrastructure to the evolution of philanthropy to next-generation media and entertainment.” Topping the list at #1 is Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial …

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On Friday I posted a list of existing and potential Oktoberfest-like traditions (Bachtoberfest, Spocktoberfest…) A comment was left by a guest who needs to be called out… The father of Whack himself, Roger von Oech! Roger is recognized throughout the world as a leader in stimulating creativity and innovation. If we had a Whacktoberfest it would be about inspiring your …

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odranoeL ekiL etirW

I’m studying one of my heroes and a newer member of the Idea Sandbox Board of Directors. Leonardo. No. Not DiCaprio. da Vinci Leonardo was a master at everything he did… One of the things I find interesting about him is that he wrote using “mirror writing.” (In order to read it, you’d have to hold it up to a …

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Best Times to Be Creative

The January 16th issue of TIME magazine has a major section on “How to Sharpen Your Mind.” One of the key articles explores the best times of day for both “Morning People” and “Night Owls” to create, problem solve, rejuvenate and rest. I’ve re-worked the graphics presented in TIME for this post. For the Morning Person TIME says, for the …

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