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Don’t Hog Glory, Invest It Instead

Sand for Your Inbox April 2010 There are many versions of the advice, “Surround yourself with great people – and you’ll get great things.” However, it isn’t enough just to surround yourself, you must also take care and nurture the people that surround you. Here is a great example of nurturing, from the pages of the book, The Magic of …

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Get More Done With An Un-ToDo List

Sand for Your Inbox January 2010 How is your resolution season going? Mine is okay so far. As I started to put together my “ToDo” list for 2010 – carrying over things from 2009 – I realized I’m trying to “pack for a five-day trip into a four-day suitcase.” Trying to cram in too much. Does that happen to you? …

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How To Use Big Thinking In Critical Situations

Sand for Your Inbox October 2009 The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz, inspired me so much… I have to share parts of it with you. The slides below include lessons found throughout the book. In short, the book teaches: The size of your success is driven by the size of your thinking. That’s a pretty powerful lesson. …

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“Unclogging Thinker’s Block” Inbox Sand, August 08

At times, coming up new ideas can be as frustrating as staring at a blank piece of paper… Waiting for the words to come to you. You’re experiencing the innovator’s version of writer’s block – thinker’s block. In the August edition of “Sand for Your Inbox” (the Idea Sandbox eNewsletter) I share a super-strength brain cleaner to unclog thinker’s block. …

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Get Yourself In Order, Idea Sandbox Prioritizer :: Inbox Sand – April ’08

It’s one thing to list all the tasks, projects, and errands you need to accomplish… But it’s a whole ‘nother thing to try to organize that list, putting the most important things first… to prioritize. As a professional problem solver, I felt it my responsibility to help solve this challenge… I’m proud to present to you… Idea Sandbox Prioritizer The …

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Uncover Solutions Using Idea Sandbox’s Big Dig

Suffering from idea block? Like writer’s block, you know your idea or solution is just below the surface… but you can’t quite dig it out. You need an idea shovel. Well, Idea Sandbox has help! We present to you, the Idea Sandbox: Big Dig. Big Dig is your free, web-based sandbox of ideas. It is chock-full of thought starters and …

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Pave Road

Pave Your Life Roadmap

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your life? What to be when you grow up? This installment of “Sand for Your Inbox” is a special edition. I have handcrafted a proven technique that will help you answer these important questions. (No, really!) Some years ago, I was trying to figure this out for myself. I did …

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Inbox Sand – November ’07 – Grains of Wisdom

The November issue of our eNewsletter, Sand for Your Inbox, is now available for viewing. November Inbox Sand Background Last month I spoke to students finishing up their pubic relations program at my alma mater, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. I provided the advice I wish I had when leaving school and entering the “real” world. What’s interesting about the …

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Inbox Sand : September ’07 : Bricks. Walls. Cathedral.

I don’t know if you already receive it, but on Friday I sent out the September installment of our eNewsletter, “Sand for Your Inbox.” This month I provided a technique to help you be a better problem solver – specifically a way to ensure you’re solving the right problem. (The last thing you want to do is spend time fixing …

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Inbox Sand – August ’07 – Fail Intelligently

This month’s installment of the Idea Sandbox eNewsletter “Sand for Your Inbox” was inspired by James Dale’s book book: “The Obvious: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed“. He has a chapter where he talks about “failing intelligently.” My grandfather used to say – something along these lines… Both the fool and the wise person have erasers on the end …

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