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Regain Lost Time In Your Day

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings… How often do you review your planner to see your week riddled with meetings and wonder when you’re going to get your own work done? What’s worse… So many end up a poor use of time and adjourn without accomplishing more than taking an hour out of your busy schedule. Just because meetings are necessary, doesn’t mean …

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Inbox Sand – May ’07 – “A Mazing Strategy”

Whoosh… It’s nearly the end of May… I’m cutting it close sifting out the May scoop of “Sand for Your Inbox” the Idea Sandbox eNewsletter. You will enjoy this month’s installment… I offer a “cart before the horse” approach to project and task management. View it here -> May ’07 Sand for Your Inbox: “A Mazing Strategy” Why not receive …

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Inbox Sand – April ’07 – “Guaranteed Great” Reading List

Whelp, another month has flown by and it’s time for the April installment of the “Sand for Your Inbox” eNewsletter. Idea Sandbox Members* have already been alerted of the posting of the newsletter. This month the folks at the Idea Sandbox Institute share their “Guaranteed Great” Reading List. Click to view our recommendations for the best-of-the-best creativity, problem solving, and …

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New Year’s Resolution That’ll Stick – Inbox Sand, Jan. ’07

Happy New Year! Looking for a New Year’s Resolution you may be able to sustain for the year… or for at least a few months? This month I offer a practical and stick-to-able New Year’s Resolution that you just may adopt as a life philosophy. Read this year’s first installment of Sand for Your Inbox titled “Comp Yourself.” If you’d …

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New Ideas: Pause Before You Pounce

New ideas can lead to innovations. Often the speed in which we conduct business causes us to make rapid decisions. As a result, we may be robbing ourselves of good ideas. New ideas can be fragile things. We’ve all experienced it… In a meeting, you muster up the courage to offer a new or unique thought that you feel will …

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RE: Sand for Your Inbox

Each month I send out an e-mail with creative tips called Sand for Your Inbox… Customer feedback, both positive and negative, is one of the most important assets a company has – it’s gold. I’ve received some very warm feedback and I’m proud to share it with you… “I really like this perspective…Good stuff… keep it coming” – Andrew “This …

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