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  • David Face

    Masterpiece from Abandoned Stone

    The statue of David is one of the most recognizable pieces of art and is considered a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture. It was carved by Michelangelo (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni), towers at 17-feet (5.17 meters) tall, took just over three years to complete, and …

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  • 10-Point Presidential Formula For Success

    I didn’t know a lot about President Lyndon Johnson, but I’ve enjoyed learning about him via Wikipedia. While reading the terrific book, The Magic Of Thinking Big, by Dr. Joseph Schwartz. In a section about “Thinking Right Toward People,” Dr. Schwartz featured the 10 Point …

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  • How To Be Like Walt Disney

    In How to Be Like Walt, Pat Williams cites what are considered the six qualities that made the work Walt Disney did so creative and innovative. In re-reading How To Be Like Walt, it was a great refresher on what contributed to Walt’s success. The …

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  • What Makes A Creative Director A Great Leader?

    In speaking with a friend about the Creative Director role at their agency, we exchanged ideas about what makes a Creative Director. I made some notes for her and thought you’d like to see them… The ideas go beyond that of just a Creative Director. …

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  • Don’t Hog Glory, Invest It Instead

    Sand for Your Inbox April 2010 There are many versions of the advice, “Surround yourself with great people – and you’ll get great things.” However, it isn’t enough just to surround yourself, you must also take care and nurture the people that surround you. Here …

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  • Be Part Of The Solution: Vote

    I often write in this space about problem solving techniques. I plan to do so today as well, but with a different spin. When organizing a brainstorm or problem solving session, I always recommend taking great care when selecting the team of participants. Here are …

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