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  • Making Better Decisions Considering Time, Talent & Treasure

    Being more innovative requires making better decisions. A friend uses a filter called “Time, Talent, Treasure” to help her make important decisions. She learned this from a co-worker years ago and passed it along to me. And, now I pass it to you. When determining …

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  • Stooges Preview

    Don’t Manage Like a Stooge, Look Before You Leap

    We are all in a hurry with our businesses. We all want results immediately. Because of this, we often act immediately without taking the time to think-up alternate ideas or think thru the implications of what are about to do. Something is better than nothing, …

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  • Marketing Offers Can’t Feel Selfish

    When creating a marketing offer, you’ve got to make sure they are as meaningful to your customer as they are for your business. Today, my old* dentist sent the following automated email. As we near the end of 2011, I wanted to remind you about …

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  • Five Expert Twitter Tips For Better Connections

    Five secrets to make even stronger, meaningful connections with your Twitter followers. For each and every person who has chosen to follow you on Twitter: Read their profile. Follow and explore the link they provided in their bio. Send a personal direct message to each …

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  • Black Friday: How Black Will It Get?

    Today is “Black Friday,” the beginning of the American Christmas shopping season, and one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. Some shoppers think it is called Black Friday because – to take advantage of the deals – you have to get up …

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  • Get In On The “Conversation”

    The Age of Conversation, that is… I’m excited to share with you that The Age of Conversation: Why Don’t They Get It – the new marketing book written by 237 writers, marketers, and business people (including me) from 15 countries – goes on sale tomorrow, …

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  • “Greatest Promotion” Wouldn’t Scale

    Washington DC-area California Tortilla restaurants offered a $1-off your purchase if you beat the cashier playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. A really cool idea. I just heard about this from John Moore (from Brand Autopsy), who saw it on the website of Seth Godin, who read …

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  • Making Meaning to Customers, Employees

    It is important to be reach and connect with customers and employees in a way that is meaningful… In a way that matters to them… Idea Sandbox talks a lot about meaningful marketing, but what IS IT that people find meaningful? In their book Making …

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  • Dutch McLocalization

    In the Netherlands, McDonalds makes their menu locally relevant by offering a traditional Dutch food item – the Kroket. The Wrapper Notice the bicyclists… this makes this especially local… We all ride bikes in Amsterdam (not tandem though… if you look closely you see that’s …

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  • Points of Contact

    It’s important to pay attention to the points of contact you have with your customers. These are known as customer touchpoints. These are all the times/places when you or your business comes in contact with customers or potential customers. A simple way Idea Sandbox may …

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