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TWAW Stay Ahead Of Your Problems

Avoid Problems By Preventing Them

An excellent way to solve problems is by not letting them happen in the first place, through prevention. Prevention is why we bring our cars in for maintenance, visit our doctor for an annual exam, and have a mid-year check-in with our boss. We want to avoid surprises and discover potential issues while they’re forming to prevent bigger problems in …

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What Is Your Competition Doing?

Do you know how well your business compares to your competition? More specifically, when it comes to how well you deliver Customer Service and Product & Service Offerings; how comparatively innovative you are? Also, beyond your competition, how do you compare with others in your industry? Or, how well do you compare in these categories to any business? I know… …

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Fighter Pilot Business Man

Decision Making, Like A Fighter Pilot

When operating a company, to stay innovative requires constant observation of your industry, competition, and your own company. When you’re a fighter pilot, to stay alive requires constant observation of what is happening around you as well as with your own aircraft. With that said… Let me ask you… If there was a decision-making framework that allowed a fighter pilot …

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