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Twaw Bulletproof

Make Your Plans Bulletproof

This week at work, bulletproof your ideas. If you’ve got a new idea, a plan, a program; find people you trust who can poke holes in it for you. Not someone who is going to agree with you, nor someone who will simply be combative. Get someone to provide instructive criticism. The Starbucks marketing team used to practice this all …

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Route 66 Map

7 Steps To Build Your Annual Plan Like A Pro

It is the time of year again when we start thinking about next year… The plans, programs, and activities that will allow us to meet and exceed our 2016 goals. We at Idea Sandbox like to approach nearly any type of planning as if it were a road trip. Like a road trip, you need to figure out: Where you …

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“How to Solve Problems” 1947-style

I recently discovered this 8th grade arithmetic book from 1947 on the bookshelves at my parents’ house. It’s got a great collection of images that match the mid-century art style of Idea Sandbox. In addition to the images, I found this piece on page 304 providing suggestions for students on problem solving. [click for larger view]  HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS …

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12 Tips For Successful In-Store Events

No matter what you call them… your customers, clients, consumers or participants – they are all Guests when they visit your location. Being a great host to those visiting your location is no different from entertaining friends and neighbors at your house. While we do think about details when planning a big event at home, as restaurant and retail owners, …

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Cash Register

How does the Price of a Product Affect the Marketing Plan for the Product?

POINT: John Moore The price of a product doesn’t necessarily affect its marketing plan. Objectives still need to be set. Strategies must be identified. Tactics need to be developed. Constraints (budget & timing) must be listed. None of that changes with low-priced or high-priced products. What does change are the strategies and tactics needed, relative to how a product is …

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A "Complete Sentence" Creates A Complete Strategy

To obtain the best results from our marketing plans, we need to make sure our approach is well-thought and complete. This is especially true of trending marketing tactics, (i.e., social media and discount coupon sites).

 We feel pressure to use these because they are popular and we’re worried about missing out. But, how do you determine what tactics best suit …

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Creating Marketing Plans that Get Buy-In from Bosses and Create Buyers from Consumers

CrackerJack Marketers, John Moore and I, will be sharing secrets, tips, and techniques we’ve learned as retail marketers in creating the most effective marketing plans. Crafting a CrackerJack marketing plan isn’t easy. Your boss wants a plan that’s going to meet or exceed business objectives AND be embraced by internal departments within your organization. Your boss’s boss demands a plan …

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Seth Godin’s Five Step Plan For Everyone And Everything

Seth Godin posted these five steps on his blog today. As always with Seth, you can’t get any cleaner or to the point than the way he puts it. Go, make something happen. Do work you’re proud of. Treat people with respect. Make big promises and keep them. Ship it out the door. When in doubt, see #1.

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