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  • Good Presentation Should Only Be Susceptible To Only One Interpretation

    You may have already heard this story in a project management or team-building session. It is told today as several people blindfolded… each standing at a different part of (but not knowing it is) an elephant. From their micro perspective each has a different interpretation. …

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  • Five Better Ways To Remember Lists

    Be sure to stop by the MarketingProf’s Daily Fix blog today (Friday) to read my post offering “better” ideas to remember short lists… That is, better than writing them on your hand. (It should post by 10 am EST). MarketingProf’s Daily Fix “Five Better Ways …

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  • Business 2.0, You Dumped Me Bad

    I didn’t see it coming. I hadn’t heard the rumors. When I saw the LAST ISSUE banner atop the October issue, I thought it was a joke. In fact, I had just responded to your request to continue our relationship… I had just sent in …

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  • Return on Investment: Illustrated (Understood)

    Ah, the beauty of a good diagram. Picture = 1000 words. We’re familiar with the term ‘return on investment’ or ROI. Have you ever thought through the relationships of the elements that make up ROI? Neither have I. Here is the chain of formulas that …

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  • Stock Images = False Advertising?

    Recently I needed technical support and acquired the phone number via the company’s website. The support page featured an image of the woman below… I’m pretty darn certain the scruffy sounding guy, with the thick Brooklyn accent wasn’t her. Helpful, but not the “attractive woman” …

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  • Inbox Sand, Feb ’07 – “Your Elevator Pitch”

    The recent “Elevator Pitch” post has prompted great discussion over the past several weeks. An elevator pitch is that 30-second blurb you should have in your back pocket… at the ready for networking or expressing yourself clearly to your company’s senior leadership. To continue the …

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  • Elevator Pitch: YOUR TV Show Opening Narration

    It’s important to have an “elevator speech.” A 30-second summary of what you’re working on to tell the boss… When meeting new people, a quick way to summarize the value of your company and what you do. It can be challenging to boil down what …

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  • Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

    Ever have information you need to present but just don’t know how to organize it? Knowing a picture is worth a thousand words – something visual would be just the trick. Get inspired by the Periodic Table of Visual Methods on the Visual Literacy website. …

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