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Twaw Arrive With A Solution

Arrive With A Solution

While you may feel like a smarty-pants worker to be the first to discover and inform your boss of a problem, don’t alert them without also being able to offer a potential solution. Anyone can point out problems. Finding something broken without a suggested fix can position you as part of the problem. It is when you arrive with helpful …

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What Is A Problem?

A simple way to define the word ‘problem’ is: a situation that needs attention. Wikipedia authors describe one as “…any situation that invites resolution.” That’s a nice way to put it – ‘invites resolution.’ A lot of folks are afraid of the word “problem.” To simply use the word – in relation to you or your business – is considered …

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Better Problem Solving With Framing

When you're looking to innovate, take advantage of an opportunity, or solve a problem... one of your first steps should be to define precisely or "frame" that opportunity or problem. Your frame is how you narrow and pinpoint what you choose to solve. Better framing leads to better solutions. Think of it like a picture frame, it has in the ...Read More

Solve Your Problem, Not The Symptom

Remember as a child – or perhaps you have a child at home – when asking one question, it often leads to a string of additional questions? How come? Why? Why is that? This is simply a way of of trying to understand the root answer, the root cause. As adults, this string of questioning can be very valuable in …

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Problem Solving with a Ghoti

When I was a kid, I had a book filled with facts and trivia about science, nature, humans, inventions and more. It was printed on rough newsprint paper and was as thick as a phonebook. One of the entries that I often recall asked (and answered) the question: What is a Ghoti? A small pointed beard on the chin worn …

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Solutions Suggest Themselves

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Inbox Sand : September ’07 : Bricks. Walls. Cathedral.

I don’t know if you already receive it, but on Friday I sent out the September installment of our eNewsletter, “Sand for Your Inbox.” This month I provided a technique to help you be a better problem solver – specifically a way to ensure you’re solving the right problem. (The last thing you want to do is spend time fixing …

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