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Knock Socks Off

Delight Your Customers: Be a Sock-Knocker-Offer

Have you ever wished someone… Or perhaps someone has offered you the words of encouragement… “Knock their socks off!” It means to wow or amaze someone. To go beyond what is expected. The saying originates from boxing – when you bop your opponent so hard, you nearly knock them out of their socks. Unfortunately – and far too often – …

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It Pays To Be Different

Differentiation. *Bleck* Differentiation has become one of those marketing buzz words we hear too often. So frequently, the term seems to have lost its meaning. Nevertheless, it is a fundamental concept. I prefer the term “remarkability.” Doing the things that cause people to make remarks about you – literally being remarkable. There’s a great quote in the book Do Purpose: Why Brands With …

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Beef Up Your Brand To Drive Sales

"How do we increase traffic and drive sales?" A client of ours is a burger joint with locations across the US. They make outrageously delicious burgers. Not just tasty beef burgers, but also an amazing turkey burger and one of the best veggie burgers you'll ever have. Like you, they're asking that same question… how to drive sales. One of …

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Innovation Is A Phenomenon, Not A Strategy

Innovation isn’t something you do; it is something that happens – a result. To be “innovative”, you have to focus on the things that create that result, not the result itself. We can’t directly control what is considered innovative no more than a director can guarantee their movie will be Oscar Award-winning or an ad agency can get their video …

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Be Remarkable Via Pricing Strategy

Being the first, the best, or the only one doing something (and in a way meaningful and relevant to your customers) is a strategy your company can use to stand out from your competition. Something that is relevant to all your customers is how they compensate you for your products or services. Adding a spin to the way they pay …

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Debunking Word Of Mouth, (and Social Media) Bunk

John Moore (from Brand Autopsy) and I were invited to talk with Jay Ehret of The Marketing Spot. As part of his work to help small businesses, Jay asked John and I questions surrounding all the hubbub regarding Word of Mouth (WOM) and Social Media. You’ll find some helpful stuff. John is the WOM expert who speaks and writes for …

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Out Of The Box (Literally) Mini Cooper Ads

I invite you to visit the Marketing Profs Daily Fix blog today, where I posted an article about a brilliant Amsterdam-based ad campaign for Mini Cooper cars. The ad was created locally by UbachsWisbrun/JWT. In the article, I also share what I think are the ingredients for the best ads. That they are: Attention Getting Have a Clear, Memorable Message …

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Better Power Strip Design – Powerbridge

Look under your desk at the clutter of power cords… from your CPU, monitor, speakers, perhaps a printer… I’ll bet, just like under my desk, it is a mess. A tangle of cords. But that’s just how it is, right? Well, designer Hyukjae Chang took a fresh look at the power strip and re-invented it in a way that it …

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Be THE, not A

So you are… …A marketer. …A sales person. …A blogger. …A [_ _ _ _ _ _ _]. But is that settling? Why be A, when you could be… …THE marketer? …THE sales person? …THE blogger? …THE [_ _ _ _ _ _ _]? There is a BBQ rib chain in the U.S. that bills themselves as “A Place for …

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Tips For Creativity & Problem Solving: “Live In PLAY” Interview

It’s always an honor when someone cares to hear your advice. It is my pleasure to share with you a BlogRadio interview I was part of on Saturday evening that featured… well… me and Idea Sandbox! Jenny Ward, the Chief Play Activist at Playward, hosts the “Live In PLAY” talk show every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PST. We chatted for …

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