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Champion Ideas: Built-In Beats Bought-In

You and your team – after a few meetings and many hours – have the plan all figured out. Excellent! Now, you just need to share it and get buy in from the other departments who will help carry it out. Fast-forward a few days… While many are on board, you faced resistance, found out you forgot key details, and …

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Solving Problems: First Get Your Brand Bearings

At times, has your company or team ever felt lost at sea? I recently built an exercise for a company that was ready to grow… and while they had goals in mind – a destination – they weren’t sure where they were! When we first discussed the challenge, it reminded me of a ship… at sea… unsure of its position. …

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Brainstorm Brief For Better Meetings

How would you like your brainstorm and strategy meetings to be more productive and efficient? I got to thinking… we use a Creative Brief to provide background and clearly outline deliverables surrounding design projects… There should be a Brainstorm Brief to serve the same purpose for strategy and brainstorming meetings! So I created one. The link below will let you …

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Free Guide To Great Reading: Innovation, Remarkability, Brand Building

Sand For Your Inbox October 2010 I’m excited to share with you a free Guide To Great Reading which includes fifteen books we recommend in the categories of: Creative Thinking & Innovation, Be Remarkable, and Brand Building. I know you’ll love the books listed. (If you don’t, let me know! – Paul)

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Don’t Hog Glory, Invest It Instead

Sand for Your Inbox April 2010 There are many versions of the advice, “Surround yourself with great people – and you’ll get great things.” However, it isn’t enough just to surround yourself, you must also take care and nurture the people that surround you. Here is a great example of nurturing, from the pages of the book, The Magic of …

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Get More Done With An Un-ToDo List

Sand for Your Inbox January 2010 How is your resolution season going? Mine is okay so far. As I started to put together my “ToDo” list for 2010 – carrying over things from 2009 – I realized I’m trying to “pack for a five-day trip into a four-day suitcase.” Trying to cram in too much. Does that happen to you? …

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Making Better Decisions

Sand for Your Inbox November 2009 It is great to have so many choices in life… from what to be when you grow up to what cereal to buy for breakfast… lots of choices. The drawback is that so many options can make decision making confusing, sometimes leading to ‘bad decisions.’ It isn’t a big deal with low-risk decisions… For …

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How To Use Big Thinking In Critical Situations

Sand for Your Inbox October 2009 The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz, inspired me so much… I have to share parts of it with you. The slides below include lessons found throughout the book. In short, the book teaches: The size of your success is driven by the size of your thinking. That’s a pretty powerful lesson. …

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Idea Sandbox Membership Cards And Creative License

Did you know when you sign up for the free monthly Idea Sandbox Sand for Your Inbox eNewsletter your membership includes a one-of-a-kind personalized membership card? It is true! As it states on the membership card…. The person indicated on this card has been duly selected a MEMBER of this group upon the pledge to do everything possible to increase …

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Solve Your Problem, Not The Symptom

Remember as a child – or perhaps you have a child at home – when asking one question, it often leads to a string of additional questions? How come? Why? Why is that? This is simply a way of of trying to understand the root answer, the root cause. As adults, this string of questioning can be very valuable in …

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