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Eleven Tips To Deserve That Promotion

Sand for Your Inbox September 2008 Receiving a job promotion is exciting, but adjusting your work-style for the new role and responsibilities can be a challenge. I provided an email with tips to a friend recently promoted from a manager to director role. After sending, I realized… not only is this advice helpful for adjusting to a rung higher-up the …

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Unblocking Thinker’s Block

Sand for Your Inbox August 2008 Have you ever had “thinkers block?” It’s a problem similar to writer’s block, but instead of words, you’re stumped for ideas. In this scoop of Sand for Your Inbox, I offer you a technique to get your ideas flowing. In his book Out of the Box: 101 Ideas for Thinking Creatively, author Rob Eastaway …

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Five Tips to Beat Procrastination

Sand for Your Inbox July 2008 Ah, procrastination. I would have sent this e-newsletter sooner, but I did not get around to it. You see, I’ve been procrastinating. Do you have projects that seem to linger? Tasks that nomadically drift from one day’s todo list to the next? Yah, me too. Most procrastination cures prescribe productivity tips. However, we both …

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Get Yourself In Order with PRIORITIZER

Sand for Your Inbox April 2008 So, you’ve finally made a list of the projects, tasks and errands you need to accomplish… (nice work) However, your challenge now is knowing which items to accomplish first… your priorities! You’re not alone… Many of us have struggled with this problem. As a professional problem solver I’ve decided to do something about this… …

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Idea Sandbox: Big Dig

Sand for Your Inbox March 2008 Suffering from idea block? Like writer’s block, you know your idea or solution is just below the surface… but you can’t quite dig it out. You need an idea shovel. Well, Idea Sandbox has help! We present to you… Big Dig is your free, web-based sandbox of ideas. It is chock-full of thought starters …

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Pave Road

Pave Your Life Roadmap

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your life? What to be when you grow up? This installment of “Sand for Your Inbox” is a special edition. I have handcrafted a proven technique that will help you answer these important questions. (No, really!) Some years ago, I was trying to figure this out for myself. I did …

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Bricks, Walls, Cathedral

Sand for Your Inbox September 2007 One method is to examine your problem from both narrower and broader perspectives… Is your problem a wall? Or is this problem really about smaller, contributing factors – the bricks. Or is it actually a symptom of a larger issue – a cathedral. Bricks To determine what may be contributing to this problem – …

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Fail Intelligently

Sand for Your Inbox August 2007 Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. Instead of allowing these let-downs get you down, you can learn from them. Let me elaborate… It’s happened to us before, and it’ll happen again. Failure. Something didn’t go as planned or as expected and you’re in a spot where you didn’t …

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Regain Lost Time In Your Day: Result-Based Agenda

Sand for Your Inbox June 2007 Meetings, Meetings, Meetings… How often do you review your planner to see your week riddled with meetings and wonder when you’re going to get your own work done? What’s worse… So many end up a poor use of time and adjourn without accomplishing more than taking an hour out of your busy schedule. Just …

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A Mazing Strategy

The challenge of a maze is to connect the START with the END without running into dead ends… having to retrace your path. The risk is low, making a maze an amusement. The challenge of managing projects is similar. You must move from START to END without running into dead ends. However, the stakes are higher… making project management less …

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