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How Would *They* Solve It?

When you’ve got a problem to solve if often helps to get advice from various friends, family members, mentors, and colleagues. But there are other resources you can call on as well. You may use what you know about famous people or businesses to solve problems. If you know enough about a business or person, you may look at your …

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Expand Your Brain Storage Yard

To help you keep a record of your thoughts and ideas, I previously suggested using an idea journal. Many readers let me know they started journals – nice work. Keep it up! With the tip in this article, I will help you expand your creative capacity, enjoy! Creativity can be described as the ability to use your imagination to develop new, …

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Have More, Better Ideas: Start An Idea Journal

  If you want to be more creative and develop better ideas, one of the first steps should be to start an idea journal… your place to jot down ideas, questions, and observations… anything that comes to mind. Your journal could take any form ranging from 3×5 cards tucked into a pocket or purse to a computer-based system. No matter …

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