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  • Watercatcher

    Creative, Elegant Temporary Solutions To Problems

    There is construction taking place at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam and a small leak has developed in the roof. They’ve put a plant in place to catch the leak. Not a mop bucket or 50-gallon trash can. You almost wouldn’t notice there was a leak. …

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  • Describe Solutions Rather Than Ask For Tasks

    Below is a word-for-word cut-and-paste from today’s Seth Godin’s blog post: “What do you need me to do?” “What do you need me to do?” This is a question that defines the person asking it. It is very different from, “here’s what you might need…” …

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  • Marketing Lessons from School Lunch

    “If you can successfully promote sloppy joe sandwiches, you can perform marketing for anything!” That was my motto, early in my career, as marketing director for a food service company. We were hired to manage the school district’s food program. The school district could then …

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  • Uncover Solutions Using Idea Sandbox’s Big Dig

    Suffering from idea block? Like writer’s block, you know your idea or solution is just below the surface… but you can’t quite dig it out. You need an idea shovel. Well, Idea Sandbox has help! We present to you, the Idea Sandbox: Big Dig. Big …

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