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Leap Year: How Are You Using Your Extra Day?

How often do we say “Geez, if I only had an extra day?” or “I wish I had a little more time.” This year we do! These 24 extra hours give us just over 27 more minutes each week than we had last year. How are you using your bonus time? Give it some thought. It could be just an …

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Chronodex Planner

Circle Of Time Planner

Time management optimization… I’m always looking for different and effective ways to enhance time management. I’ve learned, better managing what you have to do frees you up for what you want to do. I’ve bumped into a novel approach to day management that you may want to try out. You’re familiar with daily planner pages that use a grid/table to …

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Exit the Wheel, Take the Escalator

You know that swift glide-y feeling you get when you walk on an escalator. You’re moving faster than you normally would with the same effort. That’s the feeling we all want when we work. Instead, it often feels more like running in an exercise wheel. We spend lots of energy and break a sweat; we are working hard. However, when …

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Productive or Active?

This sticky note has been stuck to my computer monitor for a while. Now I have a smaller note that states “busy ≠ productive.” Often we’re merely active in what we’re doing. Activity feels busy. But it’s not necessarily productive. Are you keeping yourself busy to avoid a project? Or have you fallen into the trap of doing busy work …

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Get More Done With An Un-ToDo List

Sand for Your Inbox January 2010 How is your resolution season going? Mine is okay so far. As I started to put together my “ToDo” list for 2010 – carrying over things from 2009 – I realized I’m trying to “pack for a five-day trip into a four-day suitcase.” Trying to cram in too much. Does that happen to you? …

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Two Goals for Today

What are my two goals for today? We try to cram so much into our day… but at some point, in trying to do too much, we end up diluting our effectiveness. I try to focus on two main goals at work each day. Sure, I have tasks through the day… but what are your two goals to accomplish today?

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