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Good Presentation Should Only Be Susceptible To Only One Interpretation

You may have already heard this story in a project management or team-building session. It is told today as several people blindfolded… each standing at a different part of (but not knowing it is) an elephant. From their micro perspective each has a different interpretation. [click for larger view] Author Willard Brinton begins his book Graphic Presentation explaining — in …

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Swim Lane Diagram:
Dive Into Complex Decision-Making

Some weeks ago, I shared a decision making method that utilized a Two-By-Two Diagram to rank/filter ideas using two key parameters. While I received positive feedback, I was asked what to use when you need to rank/filter ideas that involve more than just two parameters. For this, I recommend using a “swim lane” diagram. (It involves parallel rows akin to …

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Two-By-Two Diagram: Simplifying the Complex

Some call it a matrix, others a two-by-two diagram. I call ’em awesome. Two-by-twos allow you to plot complex information in a matter that allows you not only to see the relationship between two things, but also to make better judgments and decisions. I often use these during brainstorming sessions with clients as a way to filter our stacks of …

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Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Ever have information you need to present but just don’t know how to organize it? Knowing a picture is worth a thousand words – something visual would be just the trick. Get inspired by the Periodic Table of Visual Methods on the Visual Literacy website. (Click images for a larger view). Visit the website and roll your mouse over any …

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