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“The Passion Conversation” Podcast “with” John Moore

Today is the day John Moore, author of The Passion Conversation, was supposed to record an audio podcast for Idea Sandbox. After going back and forth on timing we finally booked an hour to talk. But, John couldn’t “make the call.” When I called his office at Brains on Fire, they said he was out at some beer place. After …

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Global Virtual Tasting Creates Chilean Wine Brand Ambassadors

Last Wednesday I participated in the Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting: A Chilean Terroir Master Class, a virtual tasting sponsored by Wines of Chile and organized by their agency, the thomas collective. This genius marketing event was a two hour virtual event featuring 12 bottles of four distinct grape varietals lead by Master Sommelier Fred Dexheimer live from Santiago, Chile with …

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Word Of Mouth: Reasons People Talk. Reasons People Listen.

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Debunking Word Of Mouth, (and Social Media) Bunk

John Moore (from Brand Autopsy) and I were invited to talk with Jay Ehret of The Marketing Spot. As part of his work to help small businesses, Jay asked John and I questions surrounding all the hubbub regarding Word of Mouth (WOM) and Social Media. You’ll find some helpful stuff. John is the WOM expert who speaks and writes for …

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Brains on Fire: On Being Remarkable

A friend of mine, Virginia Miracle (great name, huh?) is the Director of Word of Mouth (great title, huh?) at Brains on Fire – a naming and identity company based in Greenville, SC. They “help companies build and sustain excitement about who they are and why they are here.” The image below from their site – it’s about Virginia… Each …

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