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Problem Identification

Problem Identification Once you realize you’ve got a problem – discovered in the problem recognition stage, the next step is to determine the cause of an issue. Identifying the root cause of a problem. This is the stage where you “Frame” your problem. [...]

Problem Recognition

Problem Recognition is critical. It is the ability to notice that change is about to take place. Sort of like noticing it getting cloudy and the wind changing before a storm. The earlier you detect changes, the faster you can adapt [...]

Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

Creative problem solving (CPS) is the official name for a standard process that includes identifying a problem, generating alternative solutions, and selecting the best/right answer. I consider it one of the best processes to do the things that get you recognized [...]

Innovation Tools

Create Wicked-Good Ideas Brainstorming & Idea Generation Tools Some of the most effective tools to assist you with your entire problem-solving... from problem identification, through leading a project and implementation. We see these as innovation tools to help you create [...]

Plan Crafting

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Writing your business and/or marketing plan. This is the step where it all comes together. The problem you identified in the Problem Identification stage was turned into an objective. The next step was to brainstorm to create potential solutions for that [...]

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