Very clever.

Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a site, mobile site, and iPhone app – Dunkin’ Run ( – that allows you invite friends/co-workers to go in on an order at Dunkin’ Donuts.

  1. You invite friends – via email or mobile text – announcing you’re making a run to Dunkin’ and
  2. your pals place their order online, via mobile, or iPhone app.
  3. All the requests are gathered to one order and the ‘runner’ can print the order (with a page to give to the Dunkin’ employee and one for divvying up the goodies when you return to the office).

What a smart way to (1) bring together Dunkin’ fans, and (2) increase the average ticket for sales with bulk orderss at Dunkin’ Donut locations.

This makes ordering a distraction and fun. What’s not to love about that?

I sent a message to a couple of friends letting them know I’d be heading in 20-minutes to make a Dunkin’ Donut run.

Below is a screenshot of the website order screen (with yummy looking images).

[click for a larger view]

Here is a screenshot from the iPhone showing the order to be placed. I can use this at the Dunkin’ location and when I return with the goods.

Dunkin’ even sent an email reminder with the order compiled, letting me know it was “time to make the 8:45 am Dunkin’ Run.”

Very well done. Dunkin’ has thought of everything!