Last Updated on 21 August 2017

Have you ever tried to put together a jigsaw puzzle with 500 or 1,000 pieces? It takes a while… And, needs to be done in more than one sitting.

One of the reasons we miss achieving goals, New Year’s resolutions, and business strategies is that we try to accomplish too much at once. We approach the 1,000-piece goal as if it can be finished in one sitting.

We get frustrated, the finish line seems a million miles away, and, we lose motivation.

A better approach is to cut your goal into bite-sized chunks.

Take the big idea and cut it into milestones. Cut milestones into projects. And further slice projects into tasks.

You then tackle the smaller, easier to accomplish tasks. Each task another puzzle piece. Before you know it, you’ve achieved several projects and reached most of your milestones…

I know… this idea isn’t rocket science… but sometimes in our excitement (and impatience) to get things done, we forget the basics. I wish you the best in meeting your goals, achieving your resolutions, and creating truly innovative things.

I wish you the best putting that puzzle together.