Creative Problem Solving (CPS) 2018-01-14T18:49:06-04:00

Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

Creative problem solving (CPS) is the official name for a standard process that includes identifying a problem, generating alternative solutions, and selecting the best/right answer.

I consider it one of the best processes to do the things that get you recognized for being innovative.

Innovation Process

I do not believe you can create something that is an innovation, no more than a director can create a movie that is award-winning. The designation whether something is innovative or not is up to your audience and users.

However, you can try to do all the right things to make what you do remarkable so that way when your customers see and try it – they will declare it an innovation!


While a misnomer, I refer to this entire process as brainstorming. I find creative problem solving too jargon-like. Besides, everyone gets the basics of brainstorming.
Let’s jump into the key steps of the process!