As problem solvers, we marketers should constantly scan for creative inspiration.


Here is a Flash-based animation I bumped into today… It’s a cartoon by artist Pascal Campion called “Door.” It features a character trying, without luck, to enter a doorway. Pascal has created over 20 ways for the door to defeat the poor guy…

Seems a challenge to come up with 20 gags for a door… Makes the idea of coming up with ways to excite customers or front-line employees seem a bit easier!

Hmmm… looking at this from another perspective… Perhaps the guy represents annoying solicitors or advertisers. And the Door… annoyed customers.

Either way you look at it, enjoy.

If you have time, browse Pascal’s website and watch some of his other animations – he’s a talented and creative artist.

This animation has no sound. It could be rated PG (for violence), but is work appropriate. If you get ‘busted’ watching it, explain to your boss or co-worker why it is posted here… as inspiration for coming up with clever ideas!