The following are additional Speaking and Presentation topics. (We’ve put them here as to not overwhelm your choices).

4. Be A Better Brainstormer

Have More, Better Ideas Faster
The secret to solving problems, growing your business, and being remarkable is the ability to think-up ideas… Lots of ’em. Learn proven methods for generating more ideas than you ever thought possible. (Methods for both individual and group brainstorming).
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5. Key Steps For Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Gain An Edge With Creative Problem Solving Methods
Using proven Creative Problem Solving (CPS) methods allows you to get to the root of, and solve, challenges faster and with higher quality ideas.

Key CPS steps discussed include: Problem Identification, Idea Generation, and Decision Making.
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6. Going Beyond Service, Creating The Experience

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Any company can service their customers, but does your brand engage customers with an experience? Learn how to make sure you’re not only covering the basics, but also going beyond in providing an experience that will make your brand memorable.
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7. Brand Management = Reputation Management

Better Understand How To Manage Your Brand
A “brand” can be an illusive concept and something seemingly difficult to manage. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated when you learn how managing a brand is the same as managing a reputation.

Re-framing your thinking to manage your company reputation.
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8. How To Identify & Frame Problems

Solving The Right Problem
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9. Be A Better Decision Maker

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Choose wisely. Thinking-up ideas can be easy compared with the task of deciding which best meets your objective. Risk Opportunities can be lost when decisions aren’t made swift enough. And,…..
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10. Be The Champion

Learn how to champion ideas and projects and rally your teams to success.
Without someone to courageously lead new ideas – many innovative ideas never get implemented and die on the white board. Fear, risk, and status quo are just a few of the barriers to new ideas. Learn how to champion ideas and projects and rally your teams to success. Many companies lose their edge because they don’t innovate. Innovation requires someone to courageously lead new ideas.
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