We turn brains into an idea machines.

To help you solve, grow, think, and create we use Creative Thinking and Innovation to help you Be Remarkable in order to Build Your Brand.

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Brainstorm Facilitation

Ah, my passion.

There is nothing more satisfying than starting the day with a challenge, and ending it with a choice of solutions. Whether it is developing your FY’11 strategy, crafting the “big idea” for your consumer promotion, or creating a clever product name… I will lead your team through a custom-build a brainstorming strategy session that meets your specific needs and solves the challenge.

By the end of our time together, not only will you have a slew of ideas, but we will also narrow them to the fewer, bigger, and better. You can return to your office that much closer to your plan of action. Guaranteed!


I will work with you to determine the scope, scale, and focus of your potential project.


Workshops can range from a half-day to two or three days in length.

Potential Workshops


Discussions range from 60 to 90 minutes.

Potential Discussions

Free Tools

Creative Thinking - Innovation

  • Big Dig – Web-based sandbox of idea starters.
  • Idea Sandbox: Prioritizer – Have lots to do, but don’t know what do first? Get yourself in order with the Idea Sandbox: Prioritizer

Be Remarkable

  • Articles on the Idea Sandbox blog with topics on how to Be Remarkable.

Build Your Brand

  • Grow Your Business Articles – Idea Sandbox blog posts tagged with “Grow Your Business


In the coming months we will opening the Idea Sandbox – the meeting/brainstorming destination – in Washington DC. You can follow our progress at the Idea Sandbox blog.

Creative Thinking & Innovation
Creative Thinking leads to Innovation through… brainstorming, problem solving, and decision making.

Be Remarkable
Understand what it means to be truly remarkable. Get noticed by more customers. Showcase what makes you remarkably different from your competition.

Build Your Brand
Help you manage your brand as well as develop strategic business and marketing plans.