Last Updated on 1 March 2017

It’s one thing for me to tell you what a great resource Idea Sandbox is. I sure think so, and my mom does as well.

However, when a third party makes an unsolicited recommendation, the advice is more credible.

In the past couple of weeks, Idea Sandbox has twice been recognized as a “must see” blog.

The Web Design School Guide featured Idea Sandbox on their list of 100 (Non-Design) Blogs that Every Web Designer Should Read.

Thank you, Kelly!

Evan Carmichael’s site, Motivation and Strategies for Entrepreneurs, included Idea Sandbox on their list: The Top 50 Blogs for Startups In 2009. Idea Sandbox is included in the Find That Big Idea section.

Thank you, Evan!

*What’s with 148 blogs? Well, there were 150 total sites listed between the two references, but since you’re already visiting Idea Sandbox you can check it off both lists, leaving you with only 148 more to discover!