Here is a collection of some of the most creative meeting locations around the world. Perfect for off-site meetings, strategy, and planning sessions. Contact the venue directly for information and reservations!

We’re cataloging the most creative meeting destinations in the world. Below is the full list, click on the tabs for more information about each location.

If you operate a creative meeting destination, please let me know.

US – New York City

  • The Apartment
  • SoHoSoleil

US – Chicago

  • Catalyst Ranch
  • Greenhouse Loft
  • Hyde Park Group Food Innovation
  • OFFSITE: Chicago
  • Thinkubator
  • Venue One
  • Workspring

US – Cincinnati

  • Blue Ocean Facilities
  • Eureka Ranch
  • Spark Space (closed)


  • Headspace – Calgary
  • Côte Nord Tremblant – Québec

France – Paris

  • inno.centre

Netherlands – Amsterdam

  • The City
  • Hub
  • The Playing Circle
  • Spaces

England – London

  • The Boardwalk

The Apartment / Meet

(NYC, NY) – Dedicated space in New York where creative and business executives can gather to re-imagine their business. Artfully built by Sara Schiller. Opened, 2008.

  • 101 Crosby Street
    New York, NY  10012
  • Website
  • 212-966-1550


(NYC, NY) – ‘Meeting Spaces, Creative Places’ is the tag line that best describes this series of open loft spaces housed in historic buildings. Innovation consultancies have brought strategists in marketing, branding, product development and social networkers since 1996.

SoHoSoleil’s energizing window filled-venues specialize in hosting corporate meetings in walking distance of many hotels. Check out their CornerLight loft’s FLAT RATE package deal!

  • 138 Grand Street
    New York, NY
  • (212) 431-8824

Innovation Loft


(NYC, NY) – Innovation Loft is Manhattan’s #1 Creative Collaboration Facility, where corporate teams and startups get away from the office and develop breakthrough ideas. Innovation Loft’s expertise is designing and leading super-creative, collaborative workshops with corporate teams of 20-100+ participants. Topics range from strategy sessions to off-site team building sessions, to implementation planning and digital visioning. Innovation Loft’s clients (such as; Avis Budget Group, NFL, Nutrisystem & Clear Channel Communications) consistently report extraordinary levels of productivity, creativity and team alignment from these events.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential


(NYC, NY) – OFFSITE is midtown Manhattan’s newest and most evocative venue for corporate meetings and private events. Designed and wired to inspire creativity and optimize productivity, OFFSITE was literally built from the ground up with the perfect gathering in mind.

From the state-of-the-art A/V system to the comfortable yet versatile decor, this sprawling, 3-story enclave offers the ideal backdrop for your next board meeting, brainstorming session, focus group, product launch or social event.

Inspire. Brainstorm. Innovate. Celebrate. Go OFFSITE.

Catalyst Ranch

(Chicago, IL) – Eva Niewiadomski’s funky space… Five rooms of fun. A well-known creative space for rent. Opened in 2002.

Greenhouse Loft


(Chicago, IL) – Greenhouse Loft provides over 3,600 square feet of customizable creative meeting space. Located in Chicago’s LEED certified Green Exchange building, it is considered one of city’s premier meeting and event venues.

Hyde Park Group Food Innovation

Food Ideation Space

(Chicago, IL) – Food Ideation Space – Moderated sessions for new product and brand marketers. Trends, insights, chef demos, kitchen tours.

Idea Loft

(Kansas City, MO) – Chuck Dymer’s PeopleWorks location.

The Idea Loft comfortably holds groups of up to 16 people. It’s both spacious and intimate. There’s a large work/conference area, a cushy lounge area and even a kitchen. Table and chairs can be arranged in a variety ways to handle your specific requirements. And we work with you from start to finish to make sure your needs are fully met. Opened in 2002.



(Chicago, IL) – Poised to open as the Windy City’s most evocative venue, OFFSITE Chicago offers companies a turnkey multi purpose facility designed and wired to inspire creativity, innovation and productivity in a way never before possible.

A wide event space, even more adaptable furniture and an easy load-in area for vendors and set-up make OFFSITE Chicago an exceptionally versatile and convenient venue. As expected, the venue boasts chic modern décor, a state-of-the-art A/V system, and an extensive list of amenities to provide the ideal backdrop for your next board meeting, brainstorming session, focus group, product launch or social event.


(Chicago, IL) Gerald “Solutionman” Haman founded SolutionPeople a creativity and innovation training and development firm in 1989 and his creative meeting space – the Thinkubator.

Venue One

(Chicago, IL) – Located in the vibrant West Loop neighborhood and featuring spectacular views of the city skyline, Venue One provides 25,000 square feet of completely customizable event space perfect for any occasion.

The modern space features exposed molding and decorative accents and offers full HD video on 30 screens, LED color-changing light system, built-in advanced sound system, seamless plasma wall, image mapping wall and an on-site staff of technicians, chefs, designers, service staff and event managers. With printing capabilities and other distinctive services available on-site, gone are the days that a tardy sign delivery or lack of the right computer adapter can derail an otherwise perfect event. With Venue One and Event Creative, leave the worry at home.

Multiple layouts can accommodate intimate gatherings to a sit-down dinner for up to 500 guests or cocktail reception for up to 800. Everything is serviced in-house from Event Creative’s team.


(Chicago, IL) – Workspring is a product of over 100 years of Steelcase insights located downtown in the Chicago Loop. A highly hosted space for meetings, business events, and training sessions, Workspring is an experience purpose-built to inspire your best work ever. Sessions are all-inclusive and include concierge services, premium wifi, digital displays, work tools and supplies, energizing snacks and beverages, and more, allowing you to focus on mission-critical objectives. Experience what it means to be accomplished in your meetings at Workspring.

Blue Ocean Facilities

MD Horizontal View

(Cincinnati, OH) – Cincinnati’s first creative offsite space. Blue Ocean Facilities is a unique offsite meeting space designed to foster a creative environment that inspires productivity. Open and adaptable space promotes collaboration. Strategic planning, brainstorming and consumer/customer research are a few examples of typical events within our space. Onsite meeting room coordinator, fast, easy booking, no sales tax, gratuity or hidden fees are all part of our package. Opened in 2006.

Call to schedule a tour or book a meeting and find out why their customers love their space!

Eureka Ranch

(Cincinnati, OH) – Doug Hall started with a mansion, and upgraded to a whole ranch. He has perfected the science of innovation. Opened in 1992.


(Columbus, OH) – Mark Henson, chief imagination officer, offers space and programs to help businesses be more creative. He offers a great newsletter. And a surprise hidden on his voicemail system. (Hint…. push “6”). Opened in 2000.



(Calgary, Alberta) – As the site reads… “Welcome to a different kind of creative thinking space. Headspace aids in the exchange of ideas by providing the most flexible, supportive meeting space in Calgary. By removing physical and organizational barriers, Headspace promotes dialogue, ignites collaboration and inspires creativity. The best thinking always happens when you’re in the right Headspace.” Opened in 2011.

Côté Nord Tremblant

(Montreal, Québec) – Near Montreal, unaffected by the passing of time and in all seasons, the core of forward-thinking enterprises finds itself defined, developed and revealed. A perfectly designed environment to meet and express your ideas, Espace Nord represents the proper setting to stimulate your creativity and inspiration to deploy your vision and achieve your goals.

Because generating performance requires strong relationships between team members, you will have access to a range of flexible packages, allowing you to create your very own team building activities. Thus, from morning through the rest of the evening, relaxation, gastronomy and the great outdoors will be united to your image.

With made-to-measure corporate packages in a dynamic setting that promotes exchange and creative thinking, Espace Nord clients have at their disposal two fabulous, Scandinavian-inspired meeting rooms located directly on the tranquil shores of Lac Supérieur.


(Paris, France) – Giving wings to the imagination. For your creative innovation and group strategy sessions, in Paris. More than a place to rent, a space designed with exclusive tools; dedicated for creative and productive meetings.

Heineken - The City

Book an inspiring room in the heart of Amsterdam. Heineken the City is the ideal location for a day of brainstorming, team building or meetings in inspiring surroundings. Our spaces each have a unique interior and their environment and offer you the newest in multi-media facilities. They have three rooms:

  • Amstelstraat 31
    1017 DA Amsterdam
  • The Lagerhouse – Where strategy is born daily,
  • The Draughtroom – For creative minds, and
  • The Sixpack Space – Where the team comes together.

Hub Amsterdam

A membership-based work and meeting space. Located near Amsterdam’s Central Train Station. (No membership fee necessary). Hub has many locations across the world. (Click on “Go To Hub” from the site’s menu for other locations).

The Playing Circle


(Amsterdam, NL) INSPIRATIONAL MEETING ROOMS IN THE HEART OF AMSTERDAM. Sometimes you have to get away from your everyday routine.

Whether you need some leeway. Sometimes you have to immediately make a good impression. The right meeting space makes the difference.

We make sure that everything is organized in detail. So you’re comfortable outside your comfort zone and you can focus on the purpose of your meeting.

SPACES: Amsterdam

Spaces offers office space for rent in inspiring surroundings in Amsterdam. At Spaces you not only rent square meters, but supporting services of all kinds of your choosing, such a reception service, office equipment, technical assistance, and catering of your meeting. All at reasonable prices. Spaces also has a restaurant, coffee bar and plenty of seating for an informal conversation. Rooms for small and large groups.




Den Haag

The Boardwalk

(Manchester, England) – a ‘light, airy, spacious, urban’ location. Managed by ?WhatIf!