Last Updated on 12 August 2019

All this month Washington DC-based classical radio station WGMS has been celebrating “Bachtoberfest.” All during the month of October, when the station plays a Bach composition, listeners can call and win prizes. Maybe they’ll do this again next year. After all, if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.

Of course, Bachtoberfest is a spin-off and commercial derivation of the Oktoberfest beer and food celebration held at the end of September and beginning of October in Munich, Bavaria, and Germany.

We enterprising American business-folk can’t turn down the opportunity to spin culture for commercial benefit… So we have events like… Bachtoberfest.

However, I suggest there is money being left on the table… Many other industries and businesses should leverage this annual event. Besides, what else is there between the Columbus Day sales and Halloween?

Here are my suggestions for next year…2007 “___berfest” Events


Get your clock cleaned this month… (I don’t mean get beat-up)… I mean any antique wind-up clocks can get cleaned at a special price.


A great month for a boat show.


Vintage clothing stores, as well as monk enthusiasts, will appreciate this special day. Perhaps offer a two-for-one offer. Rent one frock, get the other at half-price.

The candy company should offer pre-Halloween specials on all of their tasty candy treats.


Celebrate all things chicken. Rhode Island – the Rooster State – should be able to leverage this one.


Celebrating ham hocks and everything ‘the other white meat’-related.


An opportunity for the Nike Store or Foot Locker to offer specials on athletic shoes for kids returning to school. Alternately, like the annual replacement of batteries in smoke detectors… annual replacement of the jockstrap.


During the month of October if you lock yourself out of your house 10 times, the 11th is free!


Visit your dermatologist and see about getting those facial blemishes and marks taken care of.


MTV should be all over this one. Back-to-back classic rock.

Star Trek fans get treated to back-to-back episodes featuring that emotionless Vulcan.


Panda Express at the malls… or your local Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant could leverage this play on words…

What ideas do you have? Add your comments!

Actual “___berfest” Events

  • Blocktoberfest – This is a music event which takes place in the Washington DC area. Their version of an Oktoberfest celebration.
  • Pup-toberfest– the Delaware Puppy Rescue had a fundraiser for their rescue and adoption center.
  • Polka-Toberfest – was held in Minneapolis last Saturday.
  • Golf-Toberfest – was held by the Duran Golf Club in Viera, Florida.
  • “Doc”toberfest – is celebrated in East Central Indiana as an opportunity to offer Indianians free health answers.
  • Oink-toberfest – a BBQ Cook-Off at the Great Pumpkin Farm in the town of Clarence, New York.