Last Updated on 15 October 2010

Age of Conversation Book Cover

If a marketing book with one writer’s opinion is helpful – imagine a book by over 150 writers from around the world!

Age of Conversation: It’s To Get Busy is that book. As the official description states…

…This collaborative work investigates the roles that community, conversation, experimentation, engagement, and collaboration play in shaping the 21st century’s economy of ideas.

As businesses, public and private organizations, and individuals realize that there’s much more to social media and its impacts than first meets the eye, Age of Conversation III shows which platforms, tools, and approaches truly work.

Not only does Age of Conversation III provide great insights beyond the hype of social media, but the sale of the book funds a group called charity:water. A non-profit organization bringing clean water to people in developing nations.

Charity Water Logo

I feel good about this as “100% of public donations go directly to water projects. All operating costs are covered by a group of private donors so every dollar you give can go to people in need.”

Here are the links to purchase:

If you are interested in who participated in the writing, here is the complete list of Age of Conversation contributors. I’m proud to tell you I was one of them!

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