Last Updated on 7 April 2010

Within the next 30 days, I will be returning to the United States after spending nearly four years in the Netherlands – moving from Amsterdam to Washington DC.


While I have kept on top of the major headlines (I understand there is a popular TV show called Lost, Whoopi Goldberg has a leaky bladder, and the President is African American)… I have not kept up with US advertising, nor many of the new products. (I do know about the iPad).

I’m expecting a bit of a culture shock. (My mom keeps telling me to brace myself…)

What is going to be great will be the “outsider” perspective and “fresh eye” approach I may offer regarding marketing, products, messaging, etc…

I’ll post my articles with the tag “outsider insights.”

Also… I’m happy to offer my thoughts on any specific questions you may have.

This will be fun!