Last Updated on 30 October 2007

I’m reading “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders. A great book… I wish I had read it years ago. While I’m not done with it yet, I have to share what I’ve learned so far and a great quote.

Tim starts the book by explaining that we need to be lovecats. Gone are the days of the mad dog where you treat your colleagues as part of the axis of evil: crush the enemy, win at all costs, and protect yourself.

You become a lovecat by adding-value, adding knowledge and sharing your “intangibles”. Creating a situation where, as Tim puts it, the value with you there is greater than the value without you.

Intangibles? This is your knowledge, network, and compassion. “These are the intangibles you share with those you have chosen as your partners. These are the values that can drive your career the top or over the top – they’ll take you wherever you want to go.”

I love this philosophy!

Finally, and what’s driving me to write this post, is this cool passage from the book.

When you represent knowledge, opportunity, selflessness, and intimacy, you are not just a service provider or a product. You are fun, you are interesting, you are valuable; you take people places they have never been before, you show them books they have never heard of, you introduce them to people they never dreamed they would meet – in short, you are the equivalent of a human theme park.

A human theme park. Not a bad thing to be.