Last Updated on 10 September 2020

So you are…

  • …A marketer.
  • …A sales person.
  • …A blogger.
  • …A [_ _ _ _ _ _ _].

But is that settling?

Why be A, when you could be…

  • …THE marketer?
  • …THE sales person?
  • …THE blogger?
  • …THE [_ _ _ _ _ _ _]?

There is a BBQ rib chain in the U.S. that bills themselves as “A Place for Ribs.”* If you wanted to take your family out for a great rib dinner, why would you choose to go to A place? A place is just one of many… Why not head to THE place for ribs?

“A” is random. “A” is generic. “A” is one of many. “A” is adequate.

“THE” is singular. “THE” is specific. “THE” is the only. “THE” is expert.

  • Do you want A (one of any) babysitter to watch your children, or THE (best) babysitter?
  • When your hard drive crashes, do you call seek A computer tech person, or THE computer guru?!
  • Do you want your hair cut/styled by A (random) stylist? Or THE (master) stylist?
  • Does your boss put A marketer on the big holiday promotion? No it goes to THE marketer.

You get THE point!

Being THE is about being remarkable. By being THE, you are standing out tall above the crowd.

So, I’ll ask again… are you A or THE?

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*(I could have sworn they were once “THE” place for ribs, but I can’t find any proof of that online.)