Last Updated on 10 September 2020

"How do we increase traffic and drive sales?"

A client of ours is a burger joint with locations across the US. They make outrageously delicious burgers. Not just tasty beef burgers, but also an amazing turkey burger and one of the best veggie burgers you'll ever have.

Like you, they're asking that same question… how to drive sales.

One of the suggested ideas was to “start offering salads.”

Side Salad

Oh, wait… before I go on… unless you're a business that already serves salads this article will make perfect sense to you. If you *do* offer salads, replace the word "salad" in this article with… say… "video games." You'll get the same point.

Okay, back to this burger joint and adding salads. It makes sense. They will appeal to, and attract: women diners, those who are watching their carbs, or want a lighter meal.

Here 's the catch…

Salads don't fit the concept or brand of being a "burger joint." This place makes thick, juicy, takes-a-lot-of-napkins-to-eat kind of burgers.

But, salads will bring in a customer they're missing. How frustrating for the manager to know, every person that looks at the menu, walks away, and ends up at the competition is money walking out the door. And, especially in this economy, something is better than nothing.

I know your business is faced with these same types of decisions.

It seems logical to offer the item(s) people are walking away for, right? It also seems logical that, if you provide a wider range of offerings, you'll be able to attract more people.

But, by trying to be something for everyone, you end up not being anything for anyone.

And, to answer the question above… in any economy, doing the wrong something is worse than doing nothing.

People need to know why to choose you. That's what a brand – *your* brand – does. It represents what makes you special. By definition, what makes you better, greater, and different from others. Your brand is your reputation.

If you lose what makes you special and mess up your reputation, you'll end up eliminating the reason people seek you out and come to your business.

Still not convinced?

Alright, let's say you do all the things – create recipes, update the menu, order food and supplies – add salads.

Now, a group of co-workers feels like salad for lunch… Among the choices and chains in the U.S. alone, include: Chop't, Tossed, Sweetgreen, Souper Salad, SaladWorks, Salad Creations, and others. And, don't forget about the established sandwich and fast casual restaurants that each offer some sort of salad.

Is this group going to choose the burger place with a token salad? Or a salad specialists? Unless you go deep with salads, you won't be known as a salad place – you'll remain the burger place that has a salad. And, if you go deep with salads you won't be known for your burgers.

You end up simply watering down the experience. You become nothing special.

The right approach is to go to the original question: "How do we increase traffic and sales?" And, instead of trying to find ways to appeal to those you don't like you – go heavy after those who already love you.

Give them reasons to come back. Give them reasons to tell and bring their friends. Find more of that type person.

Instead of trying to fake who you are not, be the best at who you are! Don't water down what you offer, beef it up.

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