Last Updated on 30 August 2020

Leonard Stern, the inventor of the “World’s Greatest Word Game” Mad Libs, passed away in June of 2011 at the age of 88.

In his honor, I’ve created a “Better Brainstorming” Mad Lib.

Mad Libs – as a creativity tool – always provides immediate benefits of being creative and imaginative. I loved that about Mad Libs. The more creative you were with your words, the better the pay-off with the final story.


Download this Brainstorming Mad Lib and play at home or the office! [PDF, 228kb]


Mad Libs was a fun part of growing up. It was a treat mom would buy to help pass time while we were taking family road trip vacations.

To think up the silliest (and most gross) nouns, verbs, and adjectives would always create explosions of laughter.

The New York Times reported how Stern, a writer for TV comedy shows in the 50s came up with the idea for Mad Libs.

Mad Libs was conceived in 1953, when Mr. Stern was writing a script for “The Honeymooners.” As he recounted in interviews afterward, he was casting about for a particular word. His friend Roger Price, a humor writer, happened by.

“I need an adjective,” Mr. Stern said.

Mr. Price obligingly supplied two: “clumsy” and “naked.”

Mr. Stern laughed out loud. The word was intended to describe the nose of Ralph Kramden’s boss.