Last Updated on 10 September 2020

A friend of mine, Virginia Miracle (great name, huh?) is the Director of Word of Mouth (great title, huh?) at Brains on Fire – a naming and identity company based in Greenville, SC. They “help companies build and sustain excitement about who they are and why they are here.

The image below from their site – it’s about Virginia… Each team member (including Mud the dog) at the company has a little figure which represents them… click on it and it displays a short biography.


Additionally, the folks there have the coolest job titles… To name a few… Word of Mouth Guru, Designer Craftsman, Keeper of the Cash, Curiosity Officer, Firestarter, Fixer of Graphic Conundrums, First Impression, and Whipcracker…

They believe that companies should be “…relentlessly seeking ways to fascinate, inspire, reward and engage their customers and stakeholders…”

Basically the art of being remarkable.

Below are their core beliefs (from their website)…

The Fire

(Fire is their acronym for fascinate, inspire, reward and energize).

Are you celebrated for being Fascinating?

  • Known for powerful imagery?
  • Igniting curiosity?
  • Identity supported with stories of remarkable courage, imagination and dedication?

Are you adored for being Inspiring?

  • A magnet for kindred spirits?
  • Stimulate energy, excitement and ideas?
  • Revered in your industry for your commitment to heighten and intensify?

Admired for being Rewarding?

  • Committed to growing the value of your people?
  • Are you distinguished for your surprising displays of appreciation?
  • Do people always come away feeling they have gained something – even if it’s just a reason to smile?

Are you respected for being Engaged?

  • Are you known for actively inviting new ideas?
  • Are you humbled by the loyalty of your customers and employees?
  • Are you recognized as having a culture around understanding what truly matters to people?

If you’re company isn’t these things, why not? If you need help… I’m sure Brains of Fire will be glad to help!