Last Updated on 10 September 2009

I know the Easter Bunny has hopped along his bunny trail for this year… but I haven’t had the chance to post this image…

Our grocery store in Amsterdam, Albert Heijn, does a great job offering seasonal and holiday-related foods. Special foods for “feast days” or Feestdagen (in Dutch).

They’ll have special ready-prepared meals, limited-time baked goods, desserts, and.. in this instance… lunch fixins.

You’re looking at bunny shaped cheese and bologna slices.

If Stop-N-Shop had these back when mom was making school lunches for my brother and I, I’m sure she would have bought these for us.

Not sure you can read it, but the label on the cheese reads:

“Paashaas kaasplakken”

Or, “Easter Bunny Cheese Slices.”

  • Paas = Easter
    (Now you know where the the U.S. company PAAS – makers of Easter egg decorating kits – got their name 125 years ago. The founder of PAAS, William Townley, heard the word “Passen” – which means Easter – from the Pennsylvania Dutch).
  • haas = hare, or bunny (So, paashaas = Easter Bunny)
  • kaas = cheese
  • plakken = slices (looks like the word plank)

Goed! You’re on your way to learning Dutch.