Last Updated on 5 September 2010

It seems I spend quite a bit of time talking about… and referring to… cocktail napkins.

It is just that they are such a classic and unassuming vehicle for great ideas.

And now this… (a great idea I wish I hatched!)

Napkin Notebooks!

How could you go wrong with a spiral-bound notebook of napkins?

They come 20 to a pack and with a pen.

I’m not no mathmagician, but if many a million dollar idea came from the back of a napkin, it seems this pad of 20 could bring the jotter over $20 million!

Last I checked, the link on the Napkin Notebook site to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) didn’t take me to the notebooks. I asked the Napkin Notebook Team and they let me know…

At this time, the notebook is available in the MoMA Soho store and the MoMA gift store.

It’s also available for purchase if customers call the MoMA Store customer service number – 800-447-6662.

It won’t be on the MoMA Store web site until January – we’re sorry about the confusion and will correct our site to reflect this new information soonest.

I’ve got to go find my thin, black marker!