Last Updated on 31 January 2007

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful entertainers of our time. He had a stand up comedy career in the ’80s that led him to be the highest paid entertainer and to the most popular television program of the ’90s “Seinfeld.” The show ran for nine seasons and won an Emmy.

After Jerry finished Seinfeld, he scrapped all of his previous comedy material he had and started from scratch. He refused to use any old jokes… In about 12-months, he re-started with a blank piece of paper and built to a full 60-minute act.

There is a great film about Jerry’s process called “Comedian.” It shows how hard even Mr. Jerry Seinfeld had to work – what it took to get there – to create a comedy act.

Whether or not you find Jerry funny (or even like him) it’s fascinating to see HIM struggle and concentrate. Despite great success he was just as naked and as vulnerable as someone going on stage for the first time…

When we’re bogged down… stumped… have writers block… can’t come up with that great idea… It’s grounding and reassuring that even the greats have their challenges!