Last Updated on 13 August 2022

  • Know your subject as well as your mind is capable of.
  • Believe in what you say.
  • Tell it in your own words, just as you see it. Paint a word picture.
  • If you disagree with the issue, don’t insult the other point of view. (They may be just as sincere as you are).
  • Through it all, realize that the other person may be better educated, smarter, better looking, more talented, etc. But he’s just as much human and a jerk as you are and makes just as many (or more) mistakes.

“A Cup of Joe (Williams)” represents advice I received in letters from my grandfather back in the 80s. I didn’t appreciate the guidance at the time (what kid does?) but see now the life (and business) lessons he shared. I hope to share more in the future.