Last Updated on 3 January 2009

When was the last time you walked through your business, store, location, or website with the perspective of a customer?

I’m not talking about looking for dirty spots on the floor or burned-out lightbulbs.

I’m talking about walking thru with the fresh eyes of a brand-spakin’ new customer. One who has never experienced your concept before.

Do you remember what it feels like to feel uneducated or ‘dumb’ about visiting a place?

Do you remember the feeling the first time you wanted to order a drink at Starbucks, or tried to order food from a menu in a foreign country. Or had to make your way around an unfamiliar airport.

These feelings of disorientation, confusion and “feeling dumb” may be what new (potential) customers experience at your location. (I say ‘potential’ because if they don’t get it, and are made to feel dumb, they may never return).

Try, if you can, to start from outside your location, or at the home page of your website, or on page 1 of your catalog and take it all in.

Is it easy to find your way from point A to point B to Z? If you’re looking for something specific, can you get there as quickly as possible?

It may actually be impossible for you to truly see like a newbie. You may need to find someone new to