Last Updated on 13 December 2007

It is always gratifying when – in your lifetime – someone solves one of the world’s problems.

We’re still figuring out global warming, but someone has solved our soggy breakfast cereal problem.

The Eat Me Crunchy Bowl

For sale on the UK site, they say…

The concept behind this revolutionary breakfast bowl is forehead-slappingly simple. A removable shelf covers 70% of the bowl’s base, holding the cereal above the milk. All you have to do is eat your cereal from the shelf-less section of the bowl where the cereal and milk meet, pushing the cereal in as required. Brilliant!

You’ll never have soggy cereal again!

There are no complicated procedures – simply pour your cereal and milk in as per normal. Mmm…crispy Corn Flakes! If you’re worried that your favourite cereal is too cumbersome for this innovative gizmo, worry not – even a mighty Weetabix fits in the cutaway section. And you won’t have to fret about losing any tasty bits to the expanse of milk beneath the shelf because a special ‘cliff’ stops cereal getting underneath but allows the milk to flow freely.

The Eatmecrunchy Bowl is crafted in dishwasher safe melamine and the removable shelf makes cleaning it a doddle.

It really is the best thing to happen to breakfast since old man Kellogg inadvertently invented Corn Flakes by leaving out a load of cooked wheat whilst he attended to some pressing matters at his sanitarium. No really.

It is available for £4.95 in the UK and $9.95 in the US, but is currently out-of-stock (in the US) in time for Christmas delivery.