Last Updated on 11 August 2019

In the late 1800s, in a time when lack of clean water and sanitation was causing epidemics, a local chemical maker in Vienna, Austria needed a publicity stunt to let the public know how well his products worked.

He purchased two wine cellars under a busy Viennese street (the Graben) and hired the well-known architect Adolf Loos to design underground water closets or WC (restrooms).

Built in the modernist style – in addition to the facilities – the upscale lavatories feature chandeliers and fine crafted mahogany.

Vienna WC

What looks like a subway entrance is actually the entrance to the underground restrooms. There is an entrance each for ladies (Damen) and gentlemen (Herren).

Vienna WC

They proved to be clean back then – and over 100 years later they are still clean!